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Borkowski Cookie Co.

Borkowski Cookies come from love.

The love of family, the love of friends and most importantly the love of cookies.

John and Shali met on the lot at CBS in a comedy class talking about lemon meringue pie. Obviously food has always been a hot topic. Although John is a honors graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, it was Shali, a 2nd grade teacher, that came up with the amazingly delicious recipe of the Borkowski cookies.

After years of having people ask if they were for sale, they decided to share the love and was born.


We hope you enjoy our cookies as much as we do.

Our test kitchens are always trying new combinations including work on keto, vegan and gluten-free options.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or requests.

Thanks. Love,

John & Shali

“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with a BORKOWSKI COOKIE.”